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Scale your business with Facebook Ads so you can get off the "revenue rollercoaster" and do ONLY the work that inspires & excites YOU.

Harness their amazing power to build an unstoppable machine & get a never-ending flow of high-ticket clients. Download our Infinite Facebook Leads Blueprint to find out how.


Your Business Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

61% of small business owners say their stress levels are increasing. It’s easy to see why:

Cash Flow Problems

52% of owners surveyed reported cash flow problems, which is the #1 reason most businesses fail.

[source: Small Business Administration]

Working Too Much

55% of small business owners work 50+ hours per week, and 97% work weekends often.

[source: Small Business Administration]


Stagnant Income

53% of owners haven’t given themselves a raise in at least 3 years. For half of those, it’s been more than 5!

[source: Bank of America]

Too Much Stress

Running a business is most stressful thing in the owners’ lives… 3x as stressful as raising small children.

[source: Bank of America]

It’s time to take control and finally get paid what you deserve.

OnFocus helps service-based business owners get a never-ending flow of new leads & high-ticket clients

We build unstoppable client-getting machines with Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and other paid & free traffic sources

We believe businesses like your have the power to change the world for the better.

That’s why we help frustrated service entrepreneurs get a never-ending flow of new, high-ticket clients so they can…

  • Get off the “revenue rollercoaster” with a client-getting machine they can turn on, off, up, & down as wanted…
  • Take back control of their time and energy, and…
  • Do only the work that inspires and excites them.

That way you can scale your business to have the impact, influence, and income you deserve while living the kind of life you dreamed about when you first decided to do this whole crazy “entrepreneur thing.”


on:focus CEO Jason Barr has been building websites and online marketing campaigns since 1996.

Here’s how we do it:

Attract Infinite Leads with Facebook Ads

We build unstoppable “Infinite Leads” funnels using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and other paid & free traffic sources so you can scale your business at exactly the rate you want: just turn it on, off, up, and down whenever you need.

Supercharge Your Sales with Cornerstone Clients

We plug the leaks in your sales process (online AND offline) so you can convert more high-ticket Cornerstone Clients who will be an absolute joy to work with, get the most dramatic results you can get them, and happily pay premium rates for your services.

Fully Automate & Systematize Your Service Delivery System

We will help you build the most efficient Service Delivery System possible so you can stop shouldering all the work personally. You’ll serve more clients & scale your business while the system carries the load so you can ONLY do work that excites & inspires you.

Start With Our Infinite Facebook Leads Blueprint

Download our “Infinite Facebook Leads” online marketing & sales blueprint to find out the best way to get a 24-7 flow of high-ticket clients in 2017.